What can we look forward to in the future from AZSC teams? Surely, we can count on the continued growth of the Club and ever improving team performances and achievements. However, the main objective is to see our players advance within their own game. We want to see our players have the 1 v 1 mentality on the ball, the vision of the field and the ability to playmake. Tactically, our players will have the knowledge to play multiple positions and within multiple systems that fit the entire teams strengths.

Our proud club heritage is based on the founding principal of a strong club culture built on a family of teams and support using the best possible coaching, team management, and player development programs all in an affordable membership model. Experienced licensed coaches and trainers lead all teams and must be background checked prior to any activity with our players.

 Arizona Soccer Club is a non-profit Travel and Advanced Recreational Soccer Club and is recognized, as one of the leading independent club organizations of it’s kind.

AZSC is proud to have a curriculum that has been written to enhance player development within the vision of US Soccer and the goals of AYSA. The Thunder curriculum is consistent and customized by age group. The Thunder training model provides a framework of technical, tactical, physical and psychological development for all Thunder players. Our curriculum will now start to filter down into our recreational program through coaching education and monthly recreational clinics. Through our model, players develop skills, learn tactical aspects of the game and become familiar with methodology and terminology that is fluid throughout the club. This enable players and families to more easily assist other Thunder teams, as well as better equip players to advance and compete better from season to season. In addition, coaches are better able to fill in for other coaches making training sessions and games seamless for the players.


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